Urine Odor Mattress

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How to clean urine odor out of a mattress The steps to clean urine odor from a mattress are the same as cleaning it from many other fabric type items. Step one: Find it or locate exactly where the urine residue is on and in the mattress. It is not always obvious with urine. A black light will help if you need to use one. Step two: Clean as much urine residue as you can out of the mattress. In the case of a mattress I would use an extraction type upholstery cleaning tool. One that will spray water or a cleaning solution onto the area and the pull it back out creating a rinsing action. You can spray the solution on with a spray bottle and extract out with a wet vac also. This will clean the surface and slightly deeper into the fabric and padding of the mattress. Sometimes urine will remove some dye from the fabric so you may not be able to completely restore the appearance. When you do this cleaning use a good product designed to remove urine. If you have a urine odor use a product that will also eliminate that. You can read about products that are affective on urine at here Step three: Now you have located the areas and cleaned as much urine with its odor as you can out. Now you need to treat the remaining residue with a good product that will eliminate any urine odor and decontaminate the mattress. You will need to soak the product into the mattress so it reaches and comes in contact with any remaining residue. The product will then finish the job of decontaminating the urine and odor in the mattress. You will change the process of how you do this depending on the type, and specific product you use. For example enzyme products need time to work on the urine and other products work immediately on contact. See our recommended products page.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Leslie Duss

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