Urine Sample From Dog

How to get a urine sample from your dog. I just asked my veterinarian and he told me two ways to get a sample of urine from a dog. One is to watch and wait until the dog is just starting to urinate and slip a flat cup or something under the dog and catch the urine in it. It needs to be a clean and sterile container so it does not contaminate the urine sample. I asked him, doesn’t that make the dog stop urinating when you slip the cup under there. The answer is yes sometimes. But this is a common way of getting a urine sample from a dog. It is less invasive than the second way.

The second way is that the veterinarian inserts a needle into the dog’s bladder and extracts a sample. They want the dog to come in with its bladder 2/3 full or fuller. They say it does not hurt the dog. The dog does not mind. It is a simple procedure. I don’t know. I have a hard time believing my dog would not have a problem with that. But if you need a sample you have to get it somehow. There might be other alternatives but these are the two he told me about.