Remove Dog Urine

remove dog urine4 steps to remove dog urine. This is a response to a comment that was left by Stephan. He wrote¬† “no comment other than finding a solution to the dog peeing and the smell!! ” The following is a four step solution to the smell and also how to remove dog urine. The links will take you to posts that go into more detail about the steps.

Step one: Locate the problem areas. Step two: Clean as much of the urine residue out as you can. Step three: Treat the area and remaining urine residue with a one of the odor removal agents that work. Step four: Insure that the affected areas dry properly. The method of drying will vary depending on the type of product you are using. As you locate the problem areas try to assess how large the area is that is contaminated. You need a good idea of how much area you need to treat both in circumference and in depth. Example: Is it a 2 inch spot or a 12 inch or a 24 inch spot? Has it soaked through the carpet pad and into the wood floor? Or is it only in the face fibers of the carpet? If you do not treat all of the affected area you will not get complete odor removal. Use one of the quality products that is designed to counteract the smell. All good odor removal products have to come in contact with the urine and urine residue and they will eliminate the smell. Different type products work differently so follow the instructions for the one you are using. Some work immediately on contact and others need time to work on (digest) the urine. I will soon have a page added tho this blog of recommended professional products. These are products that have been available only to professionals that will now be made available to you. Watch for it. I hope this helps Stephan and anyone else who has a similar question.

Removing Pet Urine

remove pet urineThe quick and easy way of removing pet urine. There is a method of pet urine removal that is promoted by some company’s that sell urine removal products. This method includes buying their product. It usually comes in a ready to use spray bottle. They tell you to simply spray their product on the urine spots and you are done. Yes, this is quick and easy. This method will work only if the following conditions exist. If the product is a quality product and the urine is only in the surface of whatever you are spraying. The product has to be one of the types of products that are effective for urine removal. Some of the products these company’s are promoting are effective. Some are not. The second thing is, if the chemical you are spraying on the urine spots is only getting onto the surface then the urine has to be, only in or on the surface. If the urine has soaked down deep then a little spray on the surface will not solve your pet urine problem. The chemical has to come in contact with the urine residue. It also has to have the proper conditions for it to work on that urine. Those conditions will depend on the type of chemical you are using. For example an enzyme product has to stay wet or moist long enough for the enzymes to work and digest the urine residue. Certain neutralizing chemicals have to have molecule for molecule exchange to be effective. This means for every molecule of urine residue there has to be a molecule of the neutralizing chemical. It has to come in contact with the urine molecule and neutralize it or you will not get complete removal or elimination. If the urine problem you are dealing with is only in or on the surface and you use a good product and use it properly then this is a quick and easy way to deal with and remove pet urine. Pet urine stains and pet urine smells. These situations are very light dog urine damage situations. If you have moderate or severe pet urine damage you will not be happy with this method. You will have to do more than spray the chemical on the surface and leave it. This quick and easy way to remove pet urine is a great way to go when the conditions call for it or when you have light urine damage. Also see steps to remove urine for moderate damage. Or the injection method.