SUN Urine Remover

neutralize pet urine odors
Listen To What Others Are Saying
Severe Urine Neutralizer (SUN) works immediately and permanently to completely neutralize strong odors. Trying is believing!
“My home developed a pet smell. I was nervous to have people over. I used SUN. I have my home back! It’s not the animals home. It’s my home.”

“Hi, I’m Kelsie from Forest Hills Pet Care. I work at a vet clinic, and therefore deal with animals urinating all over the clinic all the time. I had a puppy leave a smelly urine spot on our lobby rug, and used SUN to clean it. It was very easy to spot clean with, just a few sprays and a little scrubbing, and the smell was gone. Usually we have to hose off the whole rug and wait a day for it to dry, so this cleaner made my day a lot easier! I’d definitely recommend the SUN cleaner as a great stain and smell remover.”

– Kelsie, Forest Hills Pet Care

“My pet peed all over my bed last night! I found SUN and used it on the pee. When I went to sleep I was able to go to sleep without having the smell of pee. Use it. It will get you ready to go odor free!”

“SUN saved my expensive jacket. My dog Moxie had surgery and I held her on the way home from the vets. Later I realized that my jacket had a strong urine smell on the right side and arm. It’s not a washable fabric, so I worried my jacket had been ruined. A friend gave me some SUN, which I sprayed on the jacket. After drying, there was no odor left at all … other than a very light pleasant citrus smell. It was fabulous. Thank you!”
– Theresa O., Battle Creek

SUN is super simple to use.
And of course it’s completely safe around your pets.
“Sun takes care of urine odors. I’ve tried it. It works!”

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Remove Urine

remove urine

You can remove urine and eliminate urine problems yourself.

With a little information and help 90% of these problems can be corrected at home. The other 10% you may want to hire a professional.

To remove urine there are several things you will want to consider. In a dog urine removal situation you need to analyze the extent of the damage that you have. Consider this, if a small dog (10-15 lb dog) deposits approximately 2 1/2 ounces of urine each time he/she urinates. And if he/she urinates only 2 times a day, in one month that is just under 1 ¼ gallons of urine. In one year it is over 14 gallons. So ask yourself, approximately how long has the urine been accumulating?

Did you catch it right away or has this been going on for some time? Is it spread out in smaller amounts over a larger area or has it been concentrated in only two or three small spots?

This example is considering a small dog, 10-15 pounds. What if you are dealing with a large dog or two? Obviously the larger the dog the larger the amount of urine.  The answers to these questions change the steps necessary to remove the urine effectively and completely. Don’t be discouraged there are solutions to even the severe situations. To assess the damage and to locate all the urine spots you have see our “Urine Odor locate the source” and “Pet Urine, scale of severity” posts.