Neutralize Dog Urine

There are several types of chemicals used to effectively neutralize dog urine. I will give a brief description of four of them. I go into more depth about them here. First with dog urine you are dealing with a  stain issue and a smell or odor issue and a contamination issue. Some of the chemicals deal with all three problems and others deal with only one or two of them. Enzyme products are popular and effective at neutralizing dog urine if you get a good one and use it correctly. Enzyme products digest the urine molecules or residue. Neutralization products neutralize dog urine as a result of unique molecular structure it absorbs, binds to and counteracts odors. These work immediately on contact. Encapsulation products surround and seal off the offensive odor molecules eliminating the odor problem. Finally oxidation products neutralize dog urine through the cleaning and deodorizing power of natural oxygen. With each of these it is important to get a good quality product and use it as directed. Many times people are hoping to be able to just spray a little on the surface of the contaminated area and have it neutralize the dog urine.With each of these type products they have to come n contact the urine molecules in sufficient quantity to work. Any part of the urine they do not contact will not be eliminated. Enzyme products have to be in contact and kept moist for long enough for it to digestthe offensive urine residue. Get a good one use it properly and you will neutralize the dog urine.