Female Dog Urine

female dog urine

Female dog urine is generally no different than male dog urine. There are some exceptions to this but basically they are the same. If you want to know more about the makeup of the urine itself read dogs urine. It is commonly thought that female dog urine is more acidic than male. It is also thought that this extra acidity is what causes the damage to grass. This is not the case. What causes the damage to grass is the excess nitrogen in the urine male or female.

The method in which a female dog urinates is different. The female will squat and empty her whole bladder in one spot where the male will more often urinate in smaller amounts spreading it around marking his territory. This will make the concentration of urine and nitrogen much stronger in the area that the female urinates. This is why a female dog often does more damage to grass than a male dog. The same situation will apply in a room. Whether it is carpet, hardwood, concrete, or tile and grout. You find larger more concentrated and deeper areas affected by female dog urine.  That is if the dogs are similar in size to each other. The male dog urine will many times be lighter and spread around the edges of the room. He will also do more damage up on furniture and walls. In these cases it is not the excess nitrogen that is causing the problems.

What causes problems in these cases is number one, odor from the urine. What causes the odor from the urine is the bacteria in the urine which creates off gassing and the ammonia that is being formed from the urine. Number two is the stain from the urine. There are several types of products that are effective at eliminating these problems. If you get a good product that has been designed to deal with dog urine odor and stains and use it correctly you can achieve excellent results.