Dog Smells 2

dog smellThis is my second post on dog smells. It is about ears. Our dog Betty has infections in her ears most of the time. These infections are one source of the many offensive dog smells that she creates. I know people that ask how do you get rid of dog smell. For me it is one smell at a time. Betty has a list of them going on. Some ask is there a shampoo that will get rid of the dog smell. We have found a few good shampoo’s for this but to shampoo the dog does nothing for the infections in her ears except perhaps irritate it and make it worse. So our Vet has given us a solution that is used to irrigate the ear canal. This solution you squeeze a little stream (plenty the Vet told us) of it into the ear and rub the ear and then take a cotton ball and wipe the ear out again. ThenĀ  secondly there is a separate medicated ear drop that we put in. A few drops in the ear last thing and leave it. She hates this process but is happy when it is over. We were recently told by a dog expert that you can do the same thing with rubbing alcohol. She said it is virtually impossible to get the alcohol deep enough into the dogs ear to become a problem. She used to take care of many dogs in a dog show and rubbing alcohol is what they used. Especially with Basset Hounds. This process eliminates this particular dog smell for most of the day. It is a daily task that needs to be done. I know the infections are suppose to clear up but with Betty it just seems to keep it from getting worse.