Urine Cleaning Caution

urine cleaningThe chemicals being developed and used in professional cleaning are improving all the time. This includes the chemicals and products used in pet urine removal and clean up. Both with the stains and odors associated with these type problems. Products are getting more effective and easier to use. Many new green products are becoming available as cleaning evolves. Even with these improvements you still need to be careful. It is possible to set some stains in permanently. You need to test chemicals in an inconspicuous area before you use them to make sure they are not going to harm the surface you are using them on. If you use the wrong chemicals on a carpet it can leave a residue that will be it almost impossible to clean affectively later. You also need to be careful not to bleach or remove the colors in the fabric or fibers you are cleaning. Some chemicals will react with each other to create bright colors like purple or orange that causes a permanent stain. This is rare but be careful and go slow at first. Test the chemicals you are using before you just go ahead and use them out in open areas that are going to be seen by everyone all the time. When you have to replace these items it gets expensive real fast.

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