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Odor removerThis is a continuation from odor remover part one.


Bio/enzymes have been used successfully for many years in the stain and odor removal industry. And in other industries also. They have proven effective to remove the greasy build-up that occurs in the drains of restaurants. Bio/enzymes are the primary organism used to break down sewage in treatment plants, returning the water to a clean, non-hazardous condition. Some laundry detergents contain enzymes. Enzymes were first used in the carpet cleaning industry as spotters for breaking down organic and protein based stains.

The names of each enzyme help identify the natural product they are best at breaking down. Protease is an enzyme that digests protein. Lipase works on fat or lipids (animal fats in urine). Amylase breaks down starches. Cellulase digests cellulose and so forth. Enzymes are produced by bacteria.

The bacteria are unable to absorb and digest food internally. So, they use enzymes to breakdown or pre-digest this waste matter outside the cell. To accomplish this the bacteria produce the enzymes which act as catalysts to speed the decomposition. The enzymes convert the contamination into simpler substances that can be absorbed by the cell.

The bacteria are packaged for use in a dormant form, that is activated in the presence of moisture and an organic food source. Once activated, they grow and multiply until the food source is consumed. Under ideal conditions, the number of bacteria will double every 20 minutes. Each cell could add over 16,000,000 additional waste and odor digesting bacteria in eight hours. But when the food source is completely gone, the bacteria die and enzyme production stops.

A previous limitation to using bacteria and enzyme products was the conditions they worked under. Too high or too low a pH could stop or slow the action of the enzymes. The presence of other cleaning agents could interfere with the process. Previously used disinfectants would kill or reduce the number of active bacteria. Because biological breakdown was a slow process it was necessary to treat with enzymes and return at a later time to clean. The technology used today allows you to over-come these limitations. Cleaning and treatment can usually be accomplished on the same day.

See also part one odor remover where we discuss Masking Agents, Encapsulation products and Neutralization products as odor removers. One more that is effective that I neglected to mention is an oxidizing chemical.

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  1. A student researcher at the University of Iowa has discovered a new bacterium which lives and grows on caffeine by using newly found digestive enzymes to break it. May 25 2011 – WashingtonA student researcher at the University of Iowa has discovered a new bacterium which lives and grows on caffeine by using newly found digestive enzymes to break it. We have isolated a new caffeine-degrading bacterium Pseudomonas putida CBB5 which breaks caffeine down into carbon dioxide and ammonia said Ryan Summers.The study explains that caffeine itself is composed of carbon nitrogen hydrogen and oxygen all of which are necessary for bacterial cell growth.The caffeine molecule consists of three structures known as methyl groups composed of 1 carbon and 3 hydrogens atoms. The bacterium is able to effectively remove these methyl groups a process known as N-demethylization and essentially live on caffeine.Summers and his colleagues have identified the three enzymes responsible for the N-demethylization and the genes that code for these enzymes.They revealed that using CBB5 enzymes would allow for easier pharmaceutical production thus lowering their cost.

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