Odor Removal Products

Odor removal productsHow can I tell if the odor removal product I am using works? I recently had a neighbor (Kim) ask me this question. He was trying to help his friend (Larry) that is handicapped and happens to be in a wheelchair with a dog urine odor problem. Larry has two or three dogs. He has many urine spots from his dogs on his carpets and floors. Possibly on the furniture and baseboard and walls if one or more of the dogs is a male that is lifting its leg when urinating. Kim was attempting to eliminate the stains and odor for Larry. Especially the odor. Kim realized even if the odor removal product he was using worked he would never know because there were other spots that continued to smell and he could not tell if he was doing any good for Larry. Kim asked me how do you know if these products are any good? There is no way to know if they do anything. I recommended a test he could use to know if the odor removal products he was using were working. It is the same test you use when you want to find out if a particular spot in the carpet is urine or something else. Take a spray bottle of water and paper towels. Spray the spot with the water to dampen it. Place the paper towel on the moistened area and apply a little pressure to the paper towel.  When the paper towel becomes moist put it in a plastic cup or container. A container with a lid works well. Cover the container and let it sit for a short time but not long enough for the paper towel to dry. Now uncover the container and place your nose near it and smell. You want a good strong urine smell apparent for this test. Now apply the odor removal product to the paper towel in the container according to the instructions on the product.  If it totally removes or eliminates the odor then you know it is working. Some products work immediately and others take time to work so follow the directions that come with the product before you decide it is not working. You can cover the container and leave it for a while, then come back and check it again to see it the odor returns. If the paper towel is completely dry re-moisten it again to be sure the odor is gone.

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