Dog Urine Killing Grass

grass dog urine

There are a number of products available to fix the problem of dog urine killing grass. Two items that are reported to cause the urine to kill grass are the PH of the urine and the nitrogen content in it. Nitrogen is used in fertilizers for grass. It helps the grass green up nicely but too much nitrogen burns and kills it.

There are also several different methods of correcting this problem that don’t involve buying any products. Change the protein in your dog’s diet. Get your dog to drink more water or broth. To do this just add a little broth to your dog’s food.

You can give your dog supplements that are made specifically to correct this issue of dog urine killing grass. I will explore each of these items in more detail and recommend the best products to use to correct this problem in future posts. See grass and dog urine for more information.

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