Outdoor Dog Urine

outdoor dog urineI have come across two main complaints regarding outdoor dog urine. By far the most common is the damage caused to grass from the dog urine. The other is the smell from the urine. Usually the smell dissipates and is not a problem in the outdoors. There are exceptions to this. For example I heard of a case where two large dogs were kept in a run almost continually and the urine in the run was never cleaned up. This build up began to smell and when the wind was blowing towards the neighbors it carried the urine smell into there yard and was a considerable nuisance. The damage to grass is the more common outdoor dog urine problem. The best solution is an all natural lawn repair product that is safe for you, your pet and the environment. Designed to prevent and repair lawn damage caused by dog urine.

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  1. Not very likely.If it was not cleeand in a fairly short time, the acidity in urine has destroyed the color.If it’s just in one area that could be “plugged”, a repair may be possible.You would need a closet with the same carpet to do this, but be aware that the color will not match exactly. A closet gets no wear and exposure to light, will appear more new than the traffic area.If you decide to do this, be certain that the closet piece is enough to do the job.Measure the closet. You will need a very small piece in order to shop for a replacement, (remnant), in the closet. Find as close a match as can be had.Then you need an experienced carpet installer to plug the stained area and replace the closet.This is my best suggestion and may not be the answer.Most carpet is dyed after the tufting is finished, before the backing is applied.The fiber takes the dye and if one could see a cross section, it would look like a radish, with the dye penetrating to a shallow depth. Urine has penetrated the yarn in the same manner.

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