dog urine problems

Something that starts with 'P'There are quite a number of dog urine problems that we can run into. My wife and I have a pug (Betty) and she recently had blood in her urine. She has had this regularly over the past several months. She also has strong smelling urine at times when she has an infection or a cold. The dog urine problems we address in this blog are the ones that come after the urine has left the dog. The urine spots in the grass. Urine stains on hardwood or in carpet or grout. If your dog happens to be spraying walls and furniture etc. we will have solutions for that. The odor that is associated with urine. The ammonia odor and off gassing odor the bacteria in the urine produce.  Types of chemicals used for dog urine problems and why they are or are not effective. We will find the best equipment, products and procedures to remedy these problems. Leave a suggestion in the box on the right hand side of the page and let us know what you would like to have us find a solution for. Try to make it relate to dog urine problems.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Wyscan

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