Dog Smells

IMG_2083This post is about dog smells. This blog deals with dog urine smell in many posts so I am not going to discuss that topic  in this post. My wife and I have Pugs, Betty and Rumble.  Specifically our female pug named Betty. Some of the dog smells (and they are not pleasant smells) that come from her are her breath, smells from the folds or wrinkles in her skin, smells from her ears, and smells from the opposite end or the back end of her body. Finally the general overall wet dog smell that most of us are familiar with. Some of these smells come from bacteria. Some are from infections. Some dog smells just come from the dogs playing in the yard. And rolling around in the grass and the dirt in the same area’s they go to the bathroom. They play with each other constantly and cover each other with saliva and dirty paws.

In this post I am going to talk about the dog smell that comes from the folds in her excess skin on her mask (face). Many dog breeds have this excess skin condition.  Moisture gets into these folds and no air can get to it so it just stays damp most of the time. Bacteria begins to grow in this moist damp environment. The bacteria gives off gasses that create one of these offensive dog smells. Her mask needs to be cleaned every day and still it the smells return soon after the cleaning. As soon as she gets a drink or plays with another dog or goes outside. We wipe these folds with a Que tip and a pre-moistened hygienic cleansing pad. Then she has a pleasant smell for a few hours. My thought is if these pads are pre-moistened they will still leave the folds in the dogs face damp. Not only does she have the bacteria growing but it is not long until she has a skin infection in there also. This itches and torments her.

The solution: Keep Cleaning her face daily, especially in the folds with the cleansing pads. Also once a month clean her mask with a Que tip and alcohol. And the trick is to put a little Goldbond powder in the folds after each cleaning. This will absorb the moisture and keeping her dryer and soothing her skin. This then stops the bacteria and possible skin irritations which will virtually eliminate this particular dog smell. I will address some of these other dog smells in future posts.

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