Dog Urine and Odor Memory

I am going to discuss a couple interesting facts that affect dog urine odor removal.  First what I call Odor Memory. This is when we (humans) smell a particular odor and our brain remembers it. For example urine. If we smell urine and it gets into our nose and brain then certain things like seeing the urine stain again will trigger that smell in out brain and we will smell the urine again even if the smell is not still there. This is a psychological odor that is not a real odor but our brains can't tell the difference. Sometimes we can just  think of the smell and we will smell it. It happens with all types of smells. Most of us have had this happen. This affects removing dog urine odor because we can psychologically smell the odor even after we have removed it. Sometime we wnat someone else to test smell the area we have cleaned to see if the odor is gone.

The other interesting point is that on average women can identify 10,000 distinct odors and the average man can identify 5,000 distinct odors. Thus women are more sensitive to odors than men. If you want a better test to see if the odor is removed have a women check it out.

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    A quick do it yourself treatment is bicarbonate of soda dissolved in a bit of water.Bicarb. is alkaline so removes acid from urine and therefore the stench.I hhave a member of my family who insists on peeing in the shower this creates the effect of walking into a public urinal,apart from screaming and shouting I put half a cup of bicarb.down drain,smell gone!Not only neutralises acid but absorbs moisture. Only a couble of bucks in supermarket.

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    Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

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    Thanks for kind words. I was in the cleaning business for years (which included dog urine remediation and odor control). I new I had some professional level inside information on the subject and thought it would help people who have that problem. It is not a subject many would read about purely out of interest (I don't think so anyway) but for those trying to get rid of dog urine smell stain or contamination it becomes as you say very useful. There are products being sold that are just not very good and others that are good but don't really explain how to use them properly. I think they want to make it seem real easy and in most cases it takes more than a little spray on the surface of the dog urine deposits to get the results desired.

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    Urine is acidic only when it leaves and shortly after it has left the body. In other words when it is fresh. When urine exits the body, human or animal, it immediately begins to change and several reactions start to take place. Two of these actions or reactions help us understand and thus eliminate the unique odors caused by urine. For more information on the acidity of urine and what causes the odor and stain read my post here

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  14. #14 by kitty at March 11th, 2012

    very interesting, im for ever throwing carpets away and its costing me a small fortune.. iv used all the usual sprays to mask the smell and put shake and vac down about ten times a day!!!

  15. #15 by Dog Urine at March 11th, 2012

    No more throwing the carpets out. All you need to do is use the correct odor neutralizer and use it in the proper way (meaning get it to the urine residue) and you can save all but the very worst cases of carpets you have been replacing.

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