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The purpose for this blog is to help you effectively deal with dog urine problems.

I am guessing you already have a problem or you would not be here.

Many people, not all but many are looking for a one step quick and easy method to remove and eliminate the damage caused by dog urine. Dog urine in carpets or rugs. Dog urine on concrete or hardwood. And dog urine killing grass or plants and more.

And who can blame them? Of course that is what they want. Isn't that what we would all want?

In this blog I will tell you exactly how to do just that. But only if your problem is a minor or light problem. If it is more than that (a moderate or severe problem) then it most definitely is going to take more to eliminate it. It can still be done effectively but it will not be quite as quick and easy.

We will discuss step by step how to deal with the minor problems and what types of products are affective for that. We will also discuss the different degrees of dog urine damage. From minor to severe damage. And step by step how to take care of each. What products and procedures to use to get the best results. Keep in mind with dog urine we are dealing with several different issues. We have the odor. We have the stain. We have the contamination and in the case of dead or dying grass we have the nitrogen and PH of the urine to address. Some products are designed to eliminate more than one problem at a time. In most cases though, it takes a multi-step solution to achieve the desired results.

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